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and inventory
with one easy-to-use software solution

take your asset and inventory distribution to the next level
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issue assets + supplies in one transaction

manage requests and track the issuance of both serialized assets and consumable inventory to agencies, people, vehicles and locations » multiple pieces of both gear and supplies can be requested and delivered through one user-friendly transaction

automated processes + alerts

users are automatically notified when orders are placed, approved/denied, and fulfilled » inventory managers are notified when stock levels are low

cleaner format + cleaner process

end users can request assets and inventory through a customized, user-friendly shopping cart that shows only the items they are permitted to request » no more calls and emails checking the status of a request – end users can check the status in the system at any time

data you can use

asset and inventory logs track which items have been given to a person, location, vehicle or agency over time » historic data identifies which models need frequent replacement, which users lose or break gear excessively, and which agencies require the most resources

easier processes | more accountability | better output

As part of the Motiondeck asset management software suite used by high-performance,
mission-critical agencies across the country, Quartermaster can stand on its own or be
integrated into other Motiondeck solutions
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