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Procurement in any field can be complex. That’s why Mcmtech offers a variety of ways for customers to procure solutions in compliance with their purchase guidelines, often without ever having to author a bid. We’ll also explore grant opportunities and other programs that may be available to maximize your benefit and minimize your cost. Let our funding expertise work for you.

pre-competed contracts

Mcmtech solutions are pre-qualified under several pre-competed cooperative purchase agreements such as indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contracts and governmentwide acquisition contracts (GWACs). Your region or industry may be covered by one of these programs, and your procurement department may already use these regularly.

available pre-competed contract vehicles:

 GSA logo

Contract Name: GSA Multiple Award Schedule
Contract Holder: Mcmtech
Contract #: 47QTCA22D00CS

 H-GAC Buy Logo

Contract Name: H-GAC Buy
Contract Holder: Mcmtech
Contract #: EC07-20

 NCSA Logo

Contract Name: NC Sheriff’s Assoc Tech Procurement Program
Contract Holder: Mcmtech
Contract #: Bid 23-02-0222

 NCSA Logo

Contract Name: VSA First Responder Supplies + Equipment Procurement
Contract Holder: Mcmtech
Contract #: Bid 25-01-0524

 GOVMMT Technology Products logo

Contract Name: GOVMVMT Technology Products, Services and Solutions
Contract Holder / Partner: Iron Bow Technologies
Contract Number: 4400012307

 Omnia Partners logo

Contract Holder / Partner: Insight Public Sector / Government Technology Solutions (GTS) / Route1

 NASPO Valuepoint Logo

Contract Name: NASPO Valuepoint
Contract Holder: Insight; SHI; CDW-G; En Pointe
Contract Number: Varies by State


Contract Name: TX Dept. of Information Resources "DIR"
Contract Holder / Partner: GTS
Contract Number: DIR-CPO-4751

 NY State Contract Logo

Contract Name: NY State OGS Contract for Public Safety Comms Equipment & Services
Contract Holder / Partner: Eastern Communications
Contract Number: Group 77200

PA logo

Contract Name: PA State IT Comms Equipment & Services IFB
Contract Holder / Partner: Eastern Communications
Contract Number: 6100039075

 DHS Logo

Contract Name: DHS TacCom II IDIQ
Contract Holder / Partner: Commdex
Contract Number: 70B04C19D00000023 (TC1); 70B04C19D00000043 (TC2)

 US DOI Logo

Contract Name: DOI FieldCom IDIQ
Contract Holder / Partner: Commdex
Contract Number: D17PC00428 (FC1); 140D7018D005 (FC2); 140D7018D0015 (FC3)

GSA Stars 8A Logo

Contract Name: GSA 8(a) STARS III GWAC
Contract Holder / Partner: Commdex
Contract Number: 8(a) STARS III GWAC

 SEWP logo

Contract Name: Nasa SEWP V
Contract Holder / Partner: Tribalco
Contract Number: NNG15SC93B; NNG15SC51B

agreements with your existing vendors

Mcmtech may have a partner relationship with one of your existing vendors, allowing you to purchase our solution through an amended vendor agreement or as a value-add to a larger purchase or on-going project. Entities below have previously partnered with Mcmtech to facilitate the purchase of our software.

The following partners are either contract holders, resellers, or strategic partners with Mcmtech:

our experts are here to help

There’s no need to have your funding strategy in place before you come to us. Our contract professionals work side by side with you to create your ideal contract package, establishing a smart strategy and working as advisors, partners, and teammates each step of the way to ensure a smooth and successful procurement and deployment experience.