streamlined radio asset management

one consolidated tool tracks and manages radio configuration, properly assigns IDs and aliases, and stores templates and software versions – all while maintaining detailed historical records on equipment, agencies, users, sites, and more » includes the only asset management software that can integrate with radio systems

systemwide reliability

capture multilayer details across a broad spectrum of assets with mission-critical grade configuration management » efficiently manage infrastructure and equipment, and quickly respond to emergencies by having key information available at the click of a button

less time + less money + less effort

stop issues like lost and overbought equipment, unreliable assets, duplicate entry errors, version control confusion, and inconsistent data from wreaking havoc on your schedule and budget >> save time and avoid mistakes by importing large sheets of data and editing multiple records at once

more output + better output

manage data, spot trends, identify issues, and create reports around key factors of your assets » interactive tables, graphic displays and advanced filters make data easy to review and understand

Commasset makes it easy to...

  • know where assets are
  • ensure equipment readiness
  • track configuration
  • assign unique radio IDs + aliases
  • assign and manage talkgroups
  • manage communications sites
  • capture change history on all records
  • import/update multiple records
  • budget accurately
  • customize alerts
  • visualize and export data
  • stay prepared for equipment audits

your team is relying on you you can rely on Commasset

Commasset is part of the Motiondeck asset management software suite, used by
high-performance, mission-critical agencies across the country

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