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MCM Technology, LLC (Mcmtech) develops best in class asset management software solutions enabling our customers to track, manage, and maintain their equipment and inventory. Mcmtech solutions provide complete life-cycle management of infrastructure assets by automating processes for procuring, tracking, maintaining, billing, accounting for and retiring assets. Our employees are passionate about creating solutions that ensure equipment readiness and address the need for maximizing operational efficiencies.

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Mcmtech software is responsible for managing over $5 billion worth of equipment and inventory.

Mcmtech’s story:

paving the way for mission-critical asset management

Mcmtech is the leader in mission-critical asset, inventory and work order management software, after starting as a small family business that developed software for 2-way radio dealerships. More than 20 years ago, our software was originally developed to perform all the tasks needed to run a radio dealership, from scheduling and work orders to accounting. In 2002, some local government agencies, including the City of Tampa, Florida and Marin County, California, contacted us to see if our software could be used to help them manage their radio equipment and infrastructure. At that time, local governments needed asset and service management software that understood the complexities of mission-critical communications, without dealership-focused functions such as accounting, sales tracking or client relationship management. Mcmtech worked with several local governments to tailor their solutions, and more requests quickly followed.

“Working closely with multiple clients, we learned which features were standard requirements for mission-critical asset management and how to integrate them seamlessly. We also learned which functions varied greatly from client to client and how to adjust them appropriately,” says Kurt Abts, VP of Software Application Development who worked on these initial projects. “At this point, we realized we had a great product that could help agencies across the country.”

In 2007, Mcmtech turned its full focus to the public sector, diving even deeper into the unique needs of public safety radio management. Radio ID management was incorporated into the software, and a couple years later, Mcmtech launched its first integration with Genesis, interfacing Harris County, TX’s radio system with its asset management software. Even today, Mcmtech has the only asset management software that can integrate with radio systems.

Always learning from each client, Mcmtech continues to improve its software. In 2018, we launched a major innovation, the Motiondeck web-based platform, providing our clients with more accessibility in a smaller technology footprint. Flexible, scalable enterprise solutions have been introduced, and frequent customizations have been added as standard offerings. Most recently, Quartermaster was released as a standalone product, which lets users issue, track and manage both equipment and inventory in a single transaction.

Today, Mcmtech has a presence in forty states, plus Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, with over 200 implementations and several thousand users. All development and support is done entirely in-house, as it always has been. Customer satisfaction and retention remains high—City of Tampa and Marin County are still using Mcmtech solutions twenty years later.

Exciting things are always on the horizon. Coming soon are the launch of a new true mobile app, new configuration management features, and new integrations with radio providers.

With core values that include customer focus, performance, and continuous improvement, Mcmtech will continue to be a leader in mission-critical management software.
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