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Our solution comparison chart shows which modules are included in each and can help you determine what features and/or solution may be best for you. Our team is also happy to hear about your operations, needs, and goals to help you identify which solution best meets your needs -- simply request a free consult.

While our solutions can be used in any industry, Mcmtech has a strong presence in federal, state, and local government where solutions like Commshop, Commasset, and Quartermaster bring an unprecedented level of operational efficiency to customers supporting radio communications, including hundreds of implementations and 24 statewide systems. We have also expanded our footprint into other markets such as telecommunications, transportation (airports, port authorities, etc.), utilities, energy, information technology and more.

While solutions can be cloud hosted by us or on-prem by your network and team, we highly recommend having Mcmtech host it on the cloud. Hosting requires significant infrastructure and continuous labor, from managing server hardware to deploying regular updates to performing data backup to providing customer support. With cloud hosting, Mcmtech takes on all of these responsibilities resulting in less overall cost and effort for your organization. Plus, cloud-based solutions can offer superior remote access and disaster recovery as well as enhanced security. Learn more about our cloud vs. on-premise hosting.

Our software pricing is based on the number of software licenses and the overall scope of the software provided. There is no limit to the number of records no limit to the number of records or assets managed in the software.

Our solutions use detailed role-based permissions to determine access for every user type. Users are assigned to groups, and groups have specific access configuration settings. This way, users are limited to only see and manage items and agencies permitted for their group. A group may contain many users or just one. While the sample chart below shows some of the permissions that can be made available for core vs. light users, there is great flexibility in which permissions you select for your groups.

Standard User Configuration

feature core user light user
view agency records Yes, included
edit / add agency records Yes, included
add locations and contacts Yes, included
view assets Yes, included Yes, included
add assets Yes, included
allow for read-only privileges in asset view Yes, included Yes, included
edit asset records (by permission) Yes, included Yes, included
assign and update configuration values (templates, features, software versions) Yes, included Yes, included
export asset data to excel / csv Yes, included Yes, included
administrative rights - manage users Yes, included
manage lists and tables Yes, included
perform swaps and bulk updates Yes, included
request & create work orders Yes, included Yes, included
edit and complete work orders Yes, included
view work order status for their agency Yes, included Yes, included
add / manage parts inventory and labor items Yes, included
create purchase orders for parts Yes, included
view / filter bi dashboard features Yes, included
print reports / forms Yes, included
receive e-mail alerts Yes, included Yes, included
request items via Quartermaster shopping cart Yes, included
approve / fulfill Quartermaster orders Yes, included

Mcmtech uses a seat license structure because it provides you with more accountability and tighter controls. When each user logs in, they have a customized view, access, and permissions specific to their role. If a seat license is shared in the system, a second log on (session) will cause the first log on (session) to be signed out. This seat licensing allows every change made in the system to be tied back to the exact user who made the change.

We’ve worked hard to establish partnerships that allow customers and prospective customers to purchase our software through existing pre-competed contracts to reduce the amount of time and effort required by a formal RFP/bid process. See our how-to-buy page for more details.

Yes. You can use a standard wedge scanning device (tethered USB or Bluetooth) to scan 1D barcodes and input into any field in the database.  Also, the myMcmtech mobile app allows users to scan 1D barcodes using your mobile device’s camera.  The myMcmtech mobile app is a licensed feature sold separately. 

Implementation includes planning, configuration, and training. This is when we tailor the solution to meet your specific needs, design, and workflow processes. Total timeframe typically spans 60-120 calendar days, much of which is determined by your availability and the coordination of scheduling.

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