8 Benefits of having your solution Cloud Hosted vs On-Premise

One of the crucial decisions customers face when implementing a software solution is choosing between having it hosted on-premise or in the cloud.

Here are 8 reasons why having your solution hosted on the cloud may be the better choice.

1. less cost

Cloud hosting eliminates the substantial investment in hardware, infrastructure and maintenance needed for on-premise solutions. It also reduces IT departmental costs since it requires significantly less internal labor to implement, manage, and maintain.

2. enhanced security

Security is an essential part of hosting software, so cloud platforms invest heavily in advanced security measures, often surpassing what can be implemented in on-premise environments. Mcmtech uses Microsoft Azure, which is widely considered one of the most secure cloud providers. Its comprehensive security features, compliance certifications, and advanced capabilities protect data, applications, and infrastructure. Mcmtech’s hosted environment has additionally been security tested and verified by an independent third-party cybersecurity firm.

3. most efficient use of resources

Additional resources are always readily available on the cloud, eliminating the process of researching, pricing, bidding out, procuring and installing additional computing resources. Short on hard drive space? Mcmtech will automatically increase your storage capacity without any service disruption. This lets you scale based on need rather than infrastructure.

4. unparalleled user accessibility

With cloud-hosting, users can access their software from anywhere there is an internet connection, without a VPN (and all of its hassles). Using handheld devices? The myMcmtech mobile app is optimized for integration with its cloud-based solutions. Whether you’re boots on the ground using software in the field or an office worker needed when away from your desk, cloud hosting lets you quickly and easily log directly into your solution.

5. immediate, labor-free updates + maintenance

Cloud hosted software providers deploy all updates and patches without draining IT resources. Cloud customers always have the most recent version of their solution, and the latest features, patches and fixes, as soon as they are available, automatically installed. Mcmtech performs the following remotely through the cloud: standard security updates (monthly), Windows server updates (monthly) and server OS version upgrades, SQL server updates (monthly) and version upgrades, VM hosting architecture, and SSL certificate renewals. Without this burden of routine maintenance, IT can focus on strategic, high-priority initiatives.

6. immediate, labor-free expert support

With on-premise solutions, support often requires a member of the IT team to help determine the cause and/or implement the fix. IT reps that are already stretched thin are interrupted to reset yet another password, and getting the right IT rep for other support can cause delays. Cloud hosting facilitates support without IT involvement. Mcmtech can access the user’s system, data and all components through the cloud. Plus, since they are experts with the software and are dedicated to customer support, they can identify causes and advise on processes more quickly and accurately. 

7. superior recovery + continuity

Whether you’re dealing with a natural disaster or a large technical outage, having data redundancies across multiple locations, secondary power sources, and frequent data backups help ensure quick recovery and continuity of operations. While these tactics and practices can be performed on-premise by your team, why take on the additional effort and cost when it is already automatically provided through the cloud? Mcmtech automatically performs full data backups of its cloud-based solutions every night, as well as differential backups every two hours to capture new information. With alternate power sources from Microsoft, Mcmtech guarantees 99.5% uptime for its servers.

8. integration expertise

Some of the most powerful elements of a software solution involve third-party integrations. For on-premise solutions, these are performed by the IT department and can be challenging and time-consuming. Cloud-based solutions allow the software’s developers and engineers, who understand exactly how their code interacts with other software, to manage integrations. Because Mcmtech has previous experience integrating solutions with Motorola via Genesis, SAML Sign on, and Azure Sign on, smooth integrations with these key partners are easy to replicate in that environment. 

+ Bonus!

For agencies following environmental sustainability guidelines, the cloud’s consolidation of data centers optimizes energy consumption, contributing to a more sustainable future.

There are many important benefits to choosing cloud hosting for your solution. For today, cloud hosting lets your organization focus on its mission and operations rather than administrative software management. For tomorrow, it is a key step towards staying competitive and future-proofing your organization.

For more information about cloud hosting your Mcmtech solution, contact your sales connection or support at support@mcmtechnology.com.

Updated February 9, 2024, 4:23 pm